Kurry Accent brings “Awadhi Food Fest”

Bangla Tribune Desk
Published : 16:39, Sep 12, 2019 | Updated : 16:40, Sep 12, 2019

Kurry Accent is bringing a new food festival with heritage of the Nawabs for food lovers.
The seven-day festival titled ‘The Awadhi Food Festival’ will kick-off from Sept 13 and will feature mesmerizing cuisine crafted delicately by Begum Manzilat Fatima from India - the heir of Nawab Wazid Shah Ali,the last king of Awadh.
Nawab Wazid Shah Ali is known in the history among the food connoisseurs as the one to introduce the “famous potatoes” in Kolkata Biryani.
Begum Manzilat with her magical family recipes passed onto her by family traditions has successfully exhibited the gastronomic skills by presenting Khandani Awadhi Cuisines which is outstanding, showered with lots of compliments from the culinary experts all around the world.
Avishek Sinha, Director of Accent Hospitality said that signature Chef tasting menus along with festival ala carte choices like Murgh Musallam, Chatpata Fish Handi Kebab, Malika Masoor Dal, Chicken Chaap, Shahi Halwa, Tehran Pulav and more will be available at the food festival.
For reservation, call 01713434075 or 029885462, 029885465. Or visit House 08, Road 51, Gulshan 2.