British Bangladeshi chef launches curry cooking school in UK

Aditi Khanna, London
Published : 21:38, Aug 05, 2019 | Updated : 21:49, Aug 05, 2019

A UK-based Bangladeshi chef who made a name for herself by organising home-based curry cooking classes via her popular ‘My Curry Club’ brand has launched a full-fledged cookery school in north-west England.
Habiba Chowdhury PHOTO/My Curry ClubHabiba Chowdhury has been running her classes for many months and now on the back of its success has decided to set up a permanent base for her teaching at Cranage Trade Park in Cheshire.
“I feel blessed to have such a multidimensional identity – being a British Bangladeshi Muslim woman allows me to take advantage of skills, techniques, culture and heritage all linking back to how I make my food. I want to share and inspire people with the Bangladeshi food I grew up with, including all the indigenous ingredients and combinations,” said Chowdhury.
PHOTO/My Curry Club“I love to teach and share what I know, have a chit chat and a laugh on the way. The best way to learn is through having fun,” she said, adding that her method guides cooking enthusiasts and amateurs to simplify what may seem like a “chaotic world” of the multitude of flavours of curry cooking.
As someone who has a passion for Bangladeshi cuisine, Chowdhury realises that the curry restaurant industry in the UK — dominated by migrants from Bangladesh — is facing a decline as second and third-generation family members turn away from the trade to take up jobs in other sectors.
PHOTO/My Curry Club“I’m proud to be one of the enterprising Bangladeshi women who are stepping forward to keep it going by doing home cooking with a twist,” she said.
The entrepreneur, who set up My Curry Club to share her passion for “authentic” flavours, also runs a store of spices required for curry cooking.
“Women and men in homes across the UK cook fresh dishes every day, none of which are truly represented and offered outside of a loving kitchen. Women across the world in Bangladeshi homes share their love through food, just as my mum has, just as my sister has and just as I do,” she explains.
PHOTO/My Curry ClubWith a view to creating an environment-friendly enterprise, My Curry Club also promotes the reduction of plastic waste by asking customers to bring their own reusable containers. The extensive menu on offer for curry enthusiasts includes Bengali Filo Samosas, Special Dal Bora, Special Bengali Aloo Chop and Kofta Curry.