Netherlands' coronavirus deaths rise 93 to 639

Published : 19:40, Mar 28, 2020 | Updated : 19:43, Mar 28, 2020

Dutch health workers leave with a patient at Bernhoven hospital, as the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, in Uden, Netherlands, Mar 25, 2020. REUTERSThe Netherlands reported 93 deaths from the new coronavirus to take its total to 639 while another 1,159 cases of the virus were confirmed, both smaller rises than a day earlier.

"If this line continues, it will be possible to conclude in a few days whether the (social distancing) measures taken are working," the Netherlands National Institute for Health (RIVM) said on Saturday in its daily update.

The country has confirmed a total of 9,762 cases of the virus, the RIVM said.