Kashmir activists don’t want Pakistani meddling

Ranjan Basu, Delhi
Published : 02:00, Feb 13, 2020 | Updated : 02:00, Feb 13, 2020

Mir JunaidSix months have passed after the revocation of Kashmir’s act 370 though full normalcy has not returned to Kashmir yet. However, the Internet blackout has been lifted with landline, broadband services coming back.

Within this time, fifteen envoys of foreign countries have come to Kashmir and on Wednesday (Feb 12), another 25 ambassadors of foreign nations based in India are going to Kashmir.

The first batch of diplomats included envoys of USA and Bangladesh.

The first batch included only two envoys from South Asia, Bangladesh and Maldives.

During that trip, Kashmir activist Mir Junaid met the foreign ambassador and highlighted his comments.

Mir Junaid said over phone: “I told the envoys that there is a lot of misunderstanding over the abrogation of 370 but this is in internal matter for India and Pakistan has no right to interfere here.”

Does Pakistan, a dysfunctional state, have the right to raise the Kashmir issue in an international platform? Pakistan has only trained and sent insurgents into Kashmir, decried Junaid.

He further said, “Peace will return when Pakistan stops meddling in Kashmir.”

Another youth added, “Normalcy is returning to Kashmir; I ask people of other countries to start coming to Kashmir as tourists.”

The first batch of envoys which went to Kashmir included: Bangladesh, USA, South Korean, Vietnam, Maldives, Morocco, Fiji, Norway, The Philippines, Argentina, Peru, Niger, Nigeria, Togo and Guyana.