CAA: Bangladeshis will need to apply, says Bengal BJP chief

Bangla Tribune Desk
Published : 19:43, Jan 18, 2020 | Updated : 19:48, Jan 18, 2020

The West Bengal Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Dilip Ghosh has said Bangladeshis living in India will have to apply for the country's citizenship under the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) despite having biometric identification number, known as Aadhaar, or voter identity card, according to Indian media.A file photo of West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh.
“Having an Aadhaar card and voter card doesn’t entitle one to be a citizen. Those coming from Bangladesh have to apply for citizenship," Ghosh told a party rally in Howrah on Friday, reports Times of India.
The BJP leader said, "The application should include the refugee’s name, his father’s name, place (in Bangladesh) from where he came and the date of entry to India.
"There are some who came in 1975, some in 1980 and some after that. All those who came to India from Bangladesh before Dec 31, 2014 are eligible to apply. The self-certified application is enough. Please mention the date and place in your application correctly,” he added.
Ghosh also cautioned people not to listen to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as she is urging them not to fill up the forms.
According to the Times of India, West Bengal BJP leaders, while backing Ghosh’s view that Aadhaar card and voter card can’t be taken as citizenship proof, didn’t rule out such an inquiry.
A demonstrator holds a placard during a protest against a new citizenship law in Mumbai, India, December 28, 2019. REUTERS“Non-Muslims coming from the three countries — Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan — have to make a self-certified application. Now, if somebody makes a complaint against him, the onus lies on the applicant under the Foreigner’s Act, and not on the complainant, to prove that what he mentioned in his application is true. He may be asked to produce documents in support of his claim even if he has an Aadhaar card and voter card,” a Bengal BJP leader said.
Ghosh, however, urged people not to worry about the birth certificates of parents.
“These are all bunkum. Nobody is going to ask for these. Your application is enough. We need not worry,” he said.