Pakistani politician attacks journalist on live TV

Bangla Tribune Desk
Published : 19:45, Jun 25, 2019 | Updated : 20:06, Jun 25, 2019

In a shocking incident, Masroor Ali Sial, a senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), physically attacked senior journalist and president of Karachi Press Club Imtiaz Khan Faran during a talk show on Monday (Jun 23) night, reports ANI.
The video of the incident was later shared widely on social media.
In the video, both Sial and Faran are seen engaging in a heated debate on 'News Line with Aftab Mugheri' show before the PTI leader from Karachi stands up and pushes the journalist to the floor and starts punching him.
The two were later separated by other guests on the show and the crew on the set.
PTI, which is headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan, has drawn a lot of criticism over the incident.
Freelance journalist Naila Inayat said, "Is this Naya Pakistan? PTI's Masroor Ali Siyal attacks president Karachi press club Imtiaz Khan on live news show."
Wasay Jalil, member of the 'Voice of Karachi', a US-based advocacy group for the rights of Urdu-speaking people of Karachi, wrote, "Few days back #PTI 's Fawad Ch slapped Sami Abraham & now Dr Mansoor Sial thrashing Sr Journalist Imtiaz Faran in a talk show in Karachi."
Jalil captioned his post saying, "Unbelievable!!!!"
Faran was elected as the president of Karachi Press Club last year in December.