Shooting of Prem Amar-2 suspended in Sylhet: Conspiracy alleged

Sudhamoy Sarkar
Published : 16:35, Sep 16, 2018 | Updated : 16:54, Sep 16, 2018

Puja and AdritThe shooting of Indian film, Prem Amar-2, was stopped at the MC College in Sylhet as the team led by Kolkata producer-director, Raj Chakravarty, did not have permission to work in Bangladesh, confirmed Shahporan thana.
Under production, this is a joint venture involving Jaaz Multimedia of Bangladesh and Raj Chakravarty Productions of India.
Raj ChakravartyShahporan police OC Akhtar Hossain said: “The shooting of the film was going on in total disregard of rules; we did not get any clearance for the work of Indian actors in Bangladesh.”
Due to stoppage of shooting, which was supposed to have been for seven days, both film houses will face losses.
Abdul AzizHowever, Abdul Aziz of Jaaz, says: “We have the valid papers and I did not go into production of such a venture without proper documents.”
The shooting was done by a dark force, working against cinema; shooting was stopped by coercion, he accused.
“I will disclose the rest once I get back,” commented Aziz.