Popi makes return with ‘cut piece’!

Sudhamoy Sarker
Published : 15:49, Sep 12, 2018 | Updated : 15:49, Sep 12, 2018

A few decades ago the obscene ‘cut piece’ trend took the Bengali film industry to the brink of collapse. The opulent art of motion picture saw the cul-de-sac by the hands of some infiltrators into the arena.
However, the cinema goons are now exiled almost.
After a year of hiatus, popular actress Popi breaks her silence with a new Bulbul Biswas film ‘Cut Piece’.
Bulbul, the director of the movie made the announcement on Sep 11 marking Popi’s birthday. An identical sensational poster of the film has already been released which sparks wave of imaginations and expectation centering the cinema.
Replying to a question to Bangla Tribune, Bulbul said, “The plot of the story based on an actress of the dark era; her sacrifice, success, love, and agony.”
He urged the audience to be positive on the outcome of the moral.
Through the protagonist Popi, the whole scenario will emerge before the audiences with the ultimate reality of such film artists, he added.
The co-star with Popi is still kept covered.
The movie is an ‘Arshinagar Films’ production where Bulbul Biswas himself wrote the story and the screenplay.
Shooting of the film will start next January.