Indian man cycled 6000km for 55days from Ranchi to Singapore

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Published : 21:01, Nov 23, 2019 | Updated : 21:12, Nov 23, 2019

An Indian man has travelled to Singapore from Ranchi all alone on a bicycle, according to local media.
Twenty-four-year- old Himanshu Goel, from Delhi, went on an epic 6000-km long journey for 55 days after skipping his final year Chartered Accountants (CA) exams, which he doesn’t regrets, reports Times of India.

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So Himanshu embarked on his bicycle journey on Aug 20 this year. His being a basic bicycle, he couldn’t take much luggage, so he packed only essential stuff, his savings and went off. All he had with him was a puncture equipment, inflatable mattress, air pump, some clothes, first aid kit, water bottle, phone, sleeping bag, and camping gear,.
It took him nearly 55 days from Ranchi to Singapore. Everyday, the guy would cover about 150 km and with no sponsor, he had to rely on locals for nightstays, according to the English daily.
Talking about his career as a CA he said that he just couldn’t take the exam as it wasn’t something he wanted to do for the rest of his life, and that was the moment when the cross-country cycling expedition idea hit him.

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As per Himashu, he hadn’t cycled more than 10-km at a stretch till last year, but this year he went on a cycling tour from Manali to Ladakh. It took him six days to complete his journey and reach his destination. He prepared for his Singapore journey for a good nine months, reports the Times of India .

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According to the Times of India, during his 55 days long journey, Himashu went through several destinations including Tripura, Assam, Manipur, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and finally to Singapore.
Himanshu had a tourist visa, and he thought things are sorted but when he reached Thailand he got a visa valid for only 15 days. In this short duration, he had to cross the whole country, which is nearly 1500 km. however, he somehow made it that too before time.

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The successful journey of Himanshu was not a bed of roses. There were moments when he thought he wouldn't make it.
During his journey, while he was exploring a temple in Malaysia, he had a bad encounter wherein a local guy on a bike with a knife and a stone mugged him. He punctured Himashu’s bicycle tyres and threatened him for money. But then he just took his watch and ran away, according to the English daily.
The other time, while crossing Assam, he grazed by a car and fell off his bike. Even he was Bleeding from shoulders and palms, he continued cycling for another 80 km.
After this successful and inspiring trip, Himanshu now plans to go on a cycling trip from India to Europe, reports the Times of India.