Private mobile operators to get new numbers in addition to old ones

Hitlar A Halim
Published : 13:18, Aug 07, 2018 | Updated : 13:28, Aug 07, 2018

After a long wait, Grameenphone is getting a new number scheme. Along with the existing 017, GP will get 013.
Banglalink will also get a new number scheme.
Sources say that with new applications, initiatives will be taken to give number schemes to operators.
Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar, said: “we will allocate new numbers based on the demand of operators.”
“Previously, GP was not given a number scheme since the demand was possibly not high at that time,” he said.
If BTRC takes the matter into consideration and sends us a proposal then we shall look at it positively.
Recently, during post and telecommunication meet held at the secretariat, PM’s information technology adviser, gave advice to allocate new number schemes to mobile operators.
In 2016, GP got 013 number scheme. At that time, chief corporate officer, Mahmud Hassan, said: “the new number will begin once the development work is done.”
GP’s allotted 10 crore numbers are almost exhausted.
It’s believed that the operator asked for 2 crore numbers against the new scheme and, with final approval, may get 10 crore numbers starting with 013.
Meanwhile, Banglalink applied for 010 saying that despite they have 3 crore 10 lakh numbers, 80 percent of their numbers were sold when it was previously SHEBA Telecom.
In the country, 102, 013, 014 and, 010 number schemes are open.