Social media monitoring during election: Facebook eager to help

Hitlar A Halim
Published : 12:53, Jul 05, 2018 | Updated : 12:53, Jul 05, 2018

Among the social media sites Facebook replied with positive sign to help the authorities.Keeping the national elections in sight, efforts are being taken to monitor social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, video sharing blogs and others.
Facebook has responded favourably and necessary equipment is being purchased.
This initiative is taken to forestall controversial or distorted posts, aimed at disrupting social harmony.
Twitter will also be under surveillance to counter anti-government propaganda.
Relevant people believe that prior to the next polls, candidates will opt for social media as the preferred platform for publicity.
They also feel that this vast net based platform may also be misused by those wanting to malign/discredit the government.
Speaking on the issue, post, telecommunication and information technology minister, Mustafa Jabbar, said: “there is precedence of misusing the online world; to mitigate the risk of abuse, we will take this step.”
Our relation with Facebook has improved and now we can get immediate information from them, he added.
It’s believed that the minister had a meeting with Facebook authority last month in Barcelona, Spain, during the mobile world congress.
“There are several focal points in the country like ICT division, BTRC and others; once communication is done through these points, an immediate response from Facebook is possible.”
The minister further said that Facebook wants to work with Bangladesh, especially in blood donation.
This is an election year and Facebook will help us prevent the spread of militant and inflammatory messages, he observed and added: “on our request, they (Facebook) will remove false information, block ID’s linked to nefarious deeds and help us detect IPs.”
With some newly acquired tools, we will monitor social media platforms to prevent dissemination of provocative materials, he promised.