Public universities and colleges coming under Wi-Fi

Hitlar A Halim
Published : 04:00, Dec 03, 2018 | Updated : 04:00, Dec 03, 2018

A project has been undertaken to bring 587 public universities, government colleges and training institutes under Wi Fi. Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited, BTCL, will start the work to set up Wi Fi from Sunday.
Minister for post, telecommunication and information technology, Mustafa Jabbar, said: “once implemented, students will be able to use high speed Internet through Wi-Fi.”
Over time, Wi Fi will be started in schools and colleges.
To see impact, BTCL will provide 10 MBPS Wi Fi to universities for a year without cost, said the minister and added: “then we will look into the business case of the proposal to see how it can be sustained.”
Sources say that after the government completes the work of taking broadband lines to 2000 unions, Wi Fi will be added to colleges of the unions.
The project cost is likely to be Tk 45 crore.
After coming to power, the ICT department declared 1 lakh free Wi Fi spots.
Under the government’s ‘Establishing digital connectivity’ project, Wi Fi hot spots have been established within the secretariat.
In time, Wi Fi established by private mobile companies may be brought under this project.