Left alliance wants fresh polls under neutral govt

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 14:07, Jan 12, 2019 | Updated : 14:50, Jan 12, 2019

Left Democratic Alliance (LDA) hold a day long program at National Press Club Auditorium on Friday (Jan 11).Terming the Dec 30 polls as a ‘tainted’ vote, Left Democratic Alliance (LDA) leaders have said they will attain their demand for fresh polls under a non-partisan administration through a mass movement.
“There are numerous allegations over the Dec 30 polls which was an unprecedented election of false votes. We will present the accounts of vote rigging to the common people,” said Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) General Secretary Md Shah Alam at a day-long programme at the capital on Friday (Jan 11).
“Our candidates will also share the issues with social and human rights organizations and eventually stir up a mass movement to realize the demand for a fresh polls under a neutral government,” added Alam.
Ganashangati Andolan Chief Coordinator Zonayed Saki said, “At least 30 to 50 percent ballot papers were stamped the night before the election. I found the ballot boxes filled before 9.30am although voter turnouts were little.”
Terming the election as the ‘most scandalous election’ in the history of the country, Saki said, “The ruling government created a frightening atmosphere in the country to keep away the voters from polling centers.”
LDA, the coalition of eight left-leaning political parties, floated 147 candidates who contested the Dec 30 polls in 131 constituencies. Eighty Two among them shared their voting-day experiences in the Friday event.