Nuhash under flak for adverts hurting culture, religious sentiment

Udisa Islam
Published : 17:00, May 22, 2019 | Updated : 23:15, May 22, 2019

Nuhash HumayunNuhash Humayun, son of noted writer late Humayun Ahmed has faced censure over two adverts he has made recently, one for a mobile operator and another for Berger paint.

Civil society members accused Nuhash of cultural aggression. The accusation is that Nuhash made the adverts without having in depth knowledge about indigenous hill culture and the usage of natural colours by women of Tikoil village.

Tikoil is a village in the Barendra area of Chapainawabganj and women in the rural hill community have been drawing on mud huts for decades. Locals say that Nuhash came here to do some shooting without prior permission.

The local people have been kept in the dark about the whole shooting process.

In the video, called ‘Journey to Alpana village’, Nuhash shows that the colours used by the villages are not long lasting and, therefore, they should switch to Berger paints.

However, the uproar was triggered because in reality, Berger paints cannot be used to paint on the mud walls.

A local says: “Berger paint cannot be used to paint mud walls because if this is used several times then the wall will be spoilt.”

The mobile advert which has drawn flak shows a young boy waking people up late at night for Sehri when someone scolds him saying: I am Hindu!

Leader of Women’s Federation Ilira Dewan has said: “there are inconsistencies in the video; the scene of prayer has been used to send a distorted message.”

Turash Ayman, the person who made the content, said: “we wanted to show a young boy finding a family by letting people know the time of the prayers and did not have any other motive.