Govt officials’ phone number hacked in Feni

Feni Correspondent
Published : 13:32, May 22, 2019 | Updated : 13:47, May 22, 2019


Beware of SIM cloning

Hackers cloned official mobile phone numbers of two government officials’ of Feni.

The official numbers of Upazila Nirbahi Officers (UNO) of Daganbhuya and Porshuram Upazila announced that a gang of hackers are also simultaneously issuing threats to different groups and demanding extortions using these government numbers.

The Upazila administrations have requested separately, to give no money or make any agreement any phone calls from the numbers.

If anyone found this hackers’ gang or received any phone call from these numbers to inform immediately to nearby law enforcing agencies, police station, the administrations also announced.

Daganbhuyan UNO Saiful Islam Bhuiyan said, "Calling from the clone number, even if the name of the person saved in a mobile phone or SIM, then at the beginning of the number, 0' isn’t usually showed up on the screen. For example, the real phone number is 01713 187318, but the cloned number will be shown as 1713187318.”

“We also apologize for any untoward incidents and request everyone to be vigilant,” the official told Bangla Tribune.

Porshuram UNO Mohammad Rasel Quader told Bangla Tribune about his official phone number- 01713187316 was cloned. The UNO also announced the same directives to follow.

“A general diary has been filed over the issue,” he said.