Donning the favourite colours:Jersey sales skyrocket

Rafsan Jani
Published : 13:40, Jun 11, 2018 | Updated : 19:06, Jun 11, 2018

jersey sales skyrocket ahead of the world cup.Eid shopping peaks in the last week of Ramadan and this year sees no exception. Though there is a marked addition in the list of coveted items – fan jerseys of the upcoming World Cup tournament to be held in Russia!
Usually, jerseys are sold in sports shop but realizing their selling potential, many shops have stocked jerseys and, needless to say, they are going like hot cakes.
The top demands are for jerseys of Brazil and archrivals, Argentina. Germany and Spain are also in demand, followed by colours of Portugal, France and also, giant killers, Uruguay.

The prices vary depending on the quality of the material used. Roughly speaking, the rates are between Tk400 and Tk10000.
Of the four qualities, the semi-Thai are selling the most, followed by Thai, Chinese and locally made ones.
Mohsin, a seller of the Gulisthan Twin Tower market, says: we sell to the whole country and started receiving orders one month before Ramadan began.
Retailers take jerseys from us at Tk350 per piece, selling them for Tk600, added Mohsin.
Sale is brisk, he says enthusiastically.
Jerseys are also being sold at shops in Gulisthan, New Market, Elephant Road, Bashundhara, Jamuna and other shopping malls.
Mainul Huq, owner of Gulisthan Sports world says: “Thai material jersey will be between Tk1200 and Tk3000, semi-Thai between Tk 900-Tk1200, Chinese variety at Tk500, whereas the locally made ones can be bought within a Tk300-Tk500 price range.
Jerseys are also being sold online; several f-commerce sites are selling them.
Shopkeepers are busy with selling jerseys.Abdul Karim of ‘Jersey and flag online shop’ says: I started the business in a small scale but got enthusiastic response as the jerseys from my outlet are top quality.
He hopes to get more orders as the World Cup frenzy overtakes the country after 14 of Jun.