Stringent punishment for rape necessary: Hasina

Bangla Tribune Desk
Published : 21:34, Jul 11, 2019 | Updated : 21:38, Jul 11, 2019

Leader of the House and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina addressing the parliament, Jul 11, 2019. FOCUS BANGLAExpressing the government’s firm stance against sexual violence, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has emphasised stricter laws and stringent punishment, reports BSS.

During the valedictory speech for the budget session in parliament on Thursday (Jul 11), the Leader of the House said, “It’s necessary to frame more strict laws against rape and giving stringent punishment for it … such a heinous crime is never acceptable.”

Hasina said social crimes like unleashing beastly torture on the children and killing people or children in words have increased, according to the state news agency.

“When such a crime is committed, it’s video and information surfaces,” she was quoted saying.

In this connection, Hasina urged those involved in the media to show the picture of the rapist repeatedly, according to BSS.

“I’ll tell those involved in print and electronic media to show the picture of the rapist time and again so that he (rapist) feels shame for the offence,” the report quoted her saying.

The prime minister called upon males of the country to be more vocal to prevent the epidemic of sexual violence in society.

“Why only the females will protest against the rape. The matter is also a shame for the male community as they are committing such a crime. So they’ll have to be more vocal against it,” BSS quoted her saying.