RAJUK invites tender to demolish BGMEA building

Bangla Tribune Desk
Published : 18:00, Apr 17, 2019 | Updated : 18:03, Apr 17, 2019

RAJUK has called for a quotation system tender to demolish the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) building and sell its usable materials, reports the Dhaka Tribune.
According to a statement signed by the RAJUK secretary on Apr 16, if any person or organization is interested in buying the materials, they have to submit their tender proposals by 4pm of Apr 24.
The interested parties can apply for the tender under the following conditions:
• They have to pay all expenses to complete the demolition work. RAJUK will not pay extra expenses
• Only interested parties will be able to submit a tender proposal
• In order to show they are eligible to apply for the tender, the interested person or organization must submit documents of previous experience demolishing multi-storied buildings
• The customer has to demolish the building and evacuate all materials within three months. The customer has to take on all the responsibilities with utmost care, while conducting the work
• Only those who specify the maximum price for the purchase of goods, will have their proposal accepted
• 10% of the total price, mentioned in the proposal, will have to be sent to RAJUK as security money through bank draft or pay order
• RAJUK will not take the responsibility for casualties during the demolition process
Earlier, RAJUK sealed off the BGMEA building around 7:30pm on Tuesday, with the intention of demolishing it.
In April 2018, the Supreme Court ordered the BGMEA building be demolished. As per the order, the building was to be demolished sometime after Apr 12 this year.
The 15-storey building stands on a crucial point in Dhaka, blocking water flow between Hatirjheel lake and Begunbari canal, and has been described by the Supreme Court as “a cancer in the Hatirjheel project.”
The High Court first ordered the BGMEA to move forward with demolition work on Apr 3, 2011. The association filed a leave to appeal against the verdict which was later dismissed by the court.
In June 2016, the Appellate Division upheld the High Court verdict ordering the demolition of the structure, with the BGMEA to bear the cost of demolition.
On March 5, 2017, the Appellate Division rejected the review petition for the verdict for the demolition project.
Later, the association sought a year’s extension to the latest deadline to demolish the building.
Following the plea, the Supreme Court, in April 2018, granted BGMEA one more year to tear down its complex.
At the time, the court ordered the association to submit an undertaking with the condition that the BGMEA would not seek another extension — after the current one it applied for expired.