Govt project staff duped on legal loopholes

Shafiqul Islam
Published : 04:00, Apr 16, 2019 | Updated : 04:00, Apr 16, 2019

Many officials working in government development projects are being deceived due to their inadequate legal knowledge.
Different government ministries appoint people by advertising in papers and sometimes, people are appointed through outsourcing. Though there isn’t any mention of transferring jobs to the revenue sector after completion of projects, workers are lured with such promises by a section unscrupulous people.
But the jobs cannot be transferred and therefore, at the pressure of unethical sections, workers engage in movements to have their jobs made permanent.
Recently, there was a press conference to co-opt the jobs of 3823 persons, working in different projects of Local Government Engineering Department, LGED.
The 3823 workers were engaged in different projects under master role and enticing them with permanent jobs, a section took money from them.
Bangla Tribune’s Jessore correspondent says: “The same deception was carried out in the case of workers appointed to Jessore Medical College through outsourcing.”
The workers claim that extra money was taken from workers and if the workers protest they are threatened with termination.
Many of the workers are having to pay Tk 5000 per month to keep their jobs.
A worker says that thought the salary is Tk 14,450, at the end of the month, they take home Tk. 9450.
The same irregularity has been reported at the ministry of social welfare. Reportedly, crores have been taken in the name of transfer and through promises made to make work permanent.
Before regularizing work, two things have to be ensured: satisfactory performance and consistency of work.
As per government rule, appointment of workers, decision on seniority, regularization and other issues will be carried out as per existing law.
State minister for public administration, Forhad Hossain, says: “Everything is mentioned in law, there is no room for any protest movement.”
There is no obligation to make project workers permanent, he added.