Bangladesh Betar artistes coming under pension schemes at last

SM Abbas
Published : 11:24, Jan 04, 2019 | Updated : 11:24, Jan 04, 2019

Bangladesh BetarAll staff and artistes of Bangladesh Betar are being brought under pension scheme. Reportedly, 295 artistes are being brought under pension scheme initiated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The first radio centre was established on Dec 16, 1939, on Nazimuddin Road and officers plus a variety of artistes were appointed on contract. After independence in 1971, artistes employed by Bangladesh Betar went to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and requested their jobs to be made permanent.

Later, at the order of Sheikh Hasina, a six member inter-ministerial committee was formed which made several recommendations. However, these could not be implemented due to legal complications.

Currently, radio artistes are getting salary under national pay scale’s eight grades.

In 2015, on the diamond jubilee of Bangladesh Betar, the PM declared that the jobs of artistes would be brought under pension scheme.

The ministry of finance’s relevant section agreed to take 295 posts under pension and the information secretary, Abdul Malek, sent a proposal in this regard to the cabinet division on Dec 6.

At the cabinet meet, it was mentioned that since the issue is not within the jurisdiction of the committee, an approval from the ministry of public administration will be needed. Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Information, Mohammad Nur e Alam Siddiqui says, “Once we receive the nod of the ministry of public administration, we will take necessary steps to incorporate the new pension positions.”

The artistes include, music director, instrument players: guitar, setar, tanpura, organ, tabala, flute, esras, clarionet, dotara, accordion, congo/bongo, percussion, mandolin, vibraphone, sarengi, drama producer, presenter, religious sermon reader, translator, scriptwriter, news presenter, librarian, copy writer.