PM asks civil servants to keep country free from social menaces

Bangla Tribune Desk
Published : 16:28, Dec 06, 2018 | Updated : 16:28, Dec 06, 2018

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was addressing the closing ceremony of 107th, 108th, and 109th Law and Administrative Courses of Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy in the capital on Thursday (Dec 6).Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked newly recruited civil service officials of administrative cadre to discharge their duties with utmost honesty and sincerity with a particular mission to keep society free from menaces like militancy, terrorism, drug and corruption.
“Wherever you work, you must keep in your mind that society must be kept free from militancy, terrorism, drug and corruption,” she told on Thursday (Dec 6) at the closing ceremony of 107th, 108th, and 109th Law and Administrative Courses of Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy in the capital.
She reminded the young officers about the danger of militancy and drug abuse saying these two menaces could destroy a family which eventually affect society.
“Our government has efficiently faced those hazards, but actions should continue in future as well,” the premier said.
Sheikh Hasina said despite financial constraints her government unprecedentedly increased all government employees salaries and all benefits while in return they were expected discharge their duties with dedication and honesty, reports state news agency BSS.
“My government has tried to create opportunities in many ways for government employees to have your own residence, transport and other facilities aimed at creating positive mindset in them to serve the nation,” she said.
The premier said her government defied media criticism against rapid enhancement of government employees’ benefits and privileges as “I was guided by my own conscience and knowledge, not on newspaper reports”.
“The country is ours. We know it better what is good for the country. So we take a decision on the basis of our understanding and out of our responsibility, not being guided by the opinions of others,” she said.
State Minister for Public Administration Ismat Ara Sadeq and public administration secretary Fayez Ahmed were present as special guests on the occasion held at BCS Academy at Shahbag in the city.
Rector of the BCS Administrative Academy Mosharraf Hossain gave welcome address while Rector’s Award recipients SM Azharul Islam Sonet of 107th course, Sharif Asif Rahman of 108th course and Md. Mosharraf Hossain of 109th batch spoke on the occasion on behalf of the trainees of their respective batches.
The prime minister distributed certificates among the course trainees, joined photo sessions with them and unveiled the cover of the magazines published by different batches.
The prime minister also enjoyed a cultural programme performed by the trainees.
Later she inaugurated the newly constructed administrative building of the BCS (Administration) Academy.
Terming the newly recruited BCS officers ‘Soldiers of Vision 2041’, the prime minister hoped that they would join the civil service as a government employee with the mindset to serve the people.
Sheikh Hasina urged the officials to be curious to know about the necessities of local people where they are posted and meet up those aiming to improve their living condition.
“Bangladesh is coming out from poverty trap, and we’ve to make it sustainable to build a prosperous nation as dreamt by the Father of the Nation,” she said.
Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh has earned independence at the cost of blood of millions of people to be a prosperous nation. But, she said, the evil forces killed Bangabandhu in 1975 and repeatedly hatched conspiracy to foil the independence.
The prime minister said Bangladesh is now on the ‘road of success’ after passing a long-troublesome journey. This success should continue, she said, calling upon all to come forward to ensure the pace of development.
“If I have done anything good for anybody, I will claim your support to continue the country’s current pace of development,” she said.
Pointing out her government’s steps for reducing poverty rate by at least five percent by 2021, Sheikh Hasina said every nation should have a goal and direction.
“Without any specific aim and the course of action for realising the goal, a nation can never become prosperous,” she said, adding a grassroots politician always think of people.
The prime minister said Bangladesh is now self-reliant in food production, and ranked third in producing food and fisheries and fifth in producing fruits and vegetables.
“We’ve proved that determination is the power to achieve anything to take forward the country. But, no government except the Awami League could show this spirit as they usurp to power to make their own fortune,” she said.
Sheikh Hasina said now the world community regards Bangladesh as a role model of development in many indexes and Bangladesh would live in the world community with this dignity and honours.
She said Bangladesh now has the capacity to implement 90 percent of its annual budget with its own resources.
“A quarter had tried to tarnish the country’s image on false allegation of scam in the Padma Bridge project. But, the government’s decision to build the Padma Bridge with our own sources has played catalytic role in brightening the country’s image abroad,” she said.
Congratulating the trainees, the prime minister said every government employee should go through vigorous training to build his or her capacity.
In this regard, she urged the officials to change their negative mindset about the posting of an efficient official to a training academy.
“Training academy should not be considered as a dumping place. Training of the officials going to function for state machinery is highly important,” Sheikh Hasina said, adding that most brilliant officials having creativity and innovativeness should be placed in the training academy.
She said her government has given special attention to further development of the training academies, create congenial atmosphere and more scopes for training. In future, she said, more attention would be given to the matter.
The prime minister said overcoming various complexities, her government during its tenure from 2009 to 2018 has given promotion to 180 officials for secretary posts, 1,150 for additional secretary posts, 2,025 for joint secretary posts and 2,686 for deputy secretary posts.
No government in the past could give the large scale promotion, she said.