‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ pays tribute to Ayub Bachchu

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 00:50, Nov 06, 2018 | Updated : 00:54, Nov 06, 2018

Indian reality show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ has paid tribute to Bangladesh rock legend Ayub Bachhu.
In its episode aired on Sunday (Nov 4), the Zee Bangla show dedicated a segment to the leading light of Bangla rock music, who passed away on Oct 18.
Along with Bangladeshi contestant in the show Mainul Ahsan Noble, Indian singers Rupangkar Bagchi, Anupam Roy and the show’s judges performed a medley of Bachchu’s popular numbers.
Ayub Bachchu, also known as AB to his fans, carved out a legendary position in the history of Bangladesh’s band music.
In addition to his extraordinary role in rock music as a singer and composer, Bachchu was one of the leading guitarists in the country. He was also well-known for his distinctive style and the flamboyant look of his guitars, which captivated audiences for over four decades.
Ayub Bachchu was born in Chattogram in 1962. In an interview, Bachchu said he always loved music and became a singer through ‘trial and error’ during his early years. He fell in love with the western music and began to play guitar. He drew inspiration from the guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Joe Satriani and Steve Moore. While in college he formed a band in college named ‘Ugly Boys’. They performed at neighbourhood programmes.
As a professional, he joined the band ‘Feelings’ in 1978 and then ‘Souls’ In 1980. After playing with them for 10 years, he formed LRB in 1991.
LRB started playing live gigs in the following years and ushered in a new chapter in the history of music in Bangladesh. With its eagerness to create something revolutionary, LRB debuted with a double album in 1992.
Bachchu’s band performed more than 500 open-air and about 2,000 indoor concerts at home and abroad, according to its website.
His songs ‘Cholo Bodle Jai’, ‘Ferari Ei Monta Amar’, ‘Ami Koshto Pete Bhalobashi’, ‘Ekdin Ghumbhanga Shohore’, ‘Ekhon Onek Raat’, ‘Hashte Dekho Gaite Dekho’, and many others – will linger in the hearts of his fans.