A year on, no progress in Councillor Ekram killing probe

Abdul Aziz & Abdur Rahman, Cox’s Bazar
Published : 11:34, May 26, 2019 | Updated : 12:39, May 27, 2019

Daughter of deceased Ekramul HaqueOn 26 May night of 2018, a ward councilor of Teknaf municipality and local Awami League leader Ekramul Haque was killed in a ‘gunfight’ with RAB. Afterwards, the family of Ekram wanted to meet the PM but that did not happen and though one year has passed, the killing has not been investigated.

Ekram’s wife, Ayesha Begum says, “I will want justice for my husband’s killing as long as I live; I still harbor a desire to meet the PM. If I can meet her, I will be able to explain to her several aspects of the murder.”

Ekramul Huq was killed in a ‘gunfight’ with the RAB during a countrywide anti-drug drive. He is the three time elected councilor of Teknaf municipality and former president of local Jubo League.

Last year, during the anti-drug drive, around 100 drug dealers across the country were killed but there was widespread social backlash over the killing of Ekram. This was due to a social media release of an audio recording, believed to be of Ekram, speaking moments before being killed.  

From the beginning, the relatives of Ekram have been claiming that his killing was premeditated.

The government promised proper investigation of the killing and chairman of the human rights commission and many others promised thorough investigation.

Ayesha Begum laments, “People assured me of a swift investigation but nothing has happened so far.”

I wanted to lodge a general diary at the police station but was prevented from doing so, she added.

“I was told to lodge a case after meeting the PM.”

She further said that she was pressured from ‘certain quarters’ to avoid the media.

The daughters of Ekram are now studying at BGB School where their tuitions have been waived.

“I want to meet the PM; as a woman, she will understand my plight.”

Cox's Bazar Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Md Iqbal Hossain says, “I am not aware of the incident since I was not posted here during the incident but know that the cases lodged on behalf of RAB are ongoing.”