Shafi’s remarks on women education are his personal: Nowfel

Staff Correspondent, Chattogram
Published : 20:35, Jan 12, 2019 | Updated : 20:49, Jan 12, 2019

File photo shows Deputy Minister for Education Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury Nowfel. PHOTO/Nashirul IslamDescribing Hifazat-e Islam chief Ahmad Shafi’s remarks against women’s education as ‘personal’, Deputy Minister for Education Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury Nowfel said it’s not consistent with the policy of the state.
Speaking to the media at his Chattogram residence on Saturday (Jan 12), he said, “The person who issued the statement does not hold an executive post governing the policy, administration or management of education in Bangladesh.”
Shafi, who leads the radical Islamist outfit Hifazat, had reportedly made the audience of a congregation give him their word that they will not allow their girls to study past fourth or fifth grade on Friday (Jan 11).
According to Bangladeshi media, Shafi, who runs the Al-Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Ulum Moinul Islam madrasa in Chattogram’s Hathazari, solicited promises on the matter from the attendees of the institution’s annual gathering.